Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

Travel agents make money through commissions on everything that they book. We negotiate with travel partners on your behalf to get you the highest commission possible with the best suppliers! Additionally, many travel agency owners will charge their clients an extra service and booking fee.

How Do Travel Agents Get Paid?

Travel agents are paid on commission. Every time agents book a service for their clients, they earn a commission. We offer multiple commission split structures, so you choose what works best for you and your business, and we pay out our travel advisors every two weeks!

How Much Do Travel Agent Make per Booking?

It depends on on how much a travel agent makes per booking. Working with us can help you earn the most from your commission. We negotiate with our travel partners, so you earn higher commissions with specific suppliers.

What Schooling is Required to Become a Travel Agent?

While no formal school is required, you need to complete industry training. We help you access this training and the steps after it. We help you with everything from how to book a flight to how to build an entire vacation!

What Perks Do Travel Agents Get?

The biggest perks of being a travel agent include being your own boss, growing as a small business owner, sharing your passion for travel, and connecting with people to help them create a lifetime of memories!

Is it hard to be a travel agent?

Being a travel agent can be hard work every day of the week. However, honing your skills and expertise and working with a host agency can help so you’re never alone. The rewards of owning your own business and helping others make memories make the hard work worth it!